Business Backup Finally Made Simple...

Let us automate your backups and help your business send, share and collaborate efficiently. Never lose or be without a file.

  • Access Files Anywhere
  • Ultimate Storage
  • 100% Automated
Business online backup

What Can Our Business Backup?

MyPCBackup will backup and protect your whole business...

  • Backup every Computer
  • Backup every Laptop
  • Backup every External Drive
  • Backup every Email
  • Backup all Documents
  • Backup all Mobile Devices

Why Choose MyPCBackup

Increase the productivity of your team with these great features!

  • 100% Automated Online Backup
  • Access Files from Any Device
  • Share Files & Folders
  • File Version History
  • Locate Lost or Stolen Laptops
  • And Many More...

MyPCBackup Business Reviews

If you are looking for secure computer backup, which anybody in your work force can use without being technical, then MyPCBackup is a must for your business. Not only will this protect your data, it will also allow you to manage your business from the cloud.

Business Backup

  • Send, Share & Store

    Send and share with employees, or clients. Your files remain safely stored in the cloud.

  • Complete Data Security

    We take the security and privacy of your data very seriously. All your files are 100% encrypted with 256Bit encryption.

  • 100% Automated

    Losing one day of data is painful, but with MyPCBackup your files are backed up automatically!

  • Backup Everything

    Start with 100GB storage space and add to it at any time. Your account can scale up as your business grows!

Customer Testimonials

"After a hard drive crash wiped years worth of data, I'm happy to have the peace of mind that MyPCBackup is now protecting all my business files. I with I'd signed up years ago!"

Steve Thomas, London UK

Create Your Own Business Online Backup Plan

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