100% secure, for peace of mind

In order to provide our users with the most secure, durable, stable and comprehensive storage for their files, MyPCBackup has partnered with Google Cloud Storage to combine our market leading backup system with their globally renowned secure data centres.

In addition to this union of products, MyPCBackup has engineered its own grid infrastructure which talks to Google Cloud to offer super fast re-calling of your files and gives us the ability to offer advanced services like file versioning, and file sharing. Our servers are housed in state of the art data centres situated around the globe which feature 'no single point of failure.' Our data centres are monitored around the clock, 365 days a year. Unlike other providers, this level of diligence is implemented at all our data storage centres to eliminate any chance of data being lost or damage happening to servers. We also upload all your data to more than one server in more than one location in order to provide maximum protection.

MyPCBackup cut no corners when it comes to the security of your data.

File Protection & Security

The main focus of online backup is security. Without heightened levels of security implementation your files would be no safer than if left on your own PC. MyPCBackup uses 256 bit SSL encryption throughout online storage. For those to whom encryption is a new concept, it is process whereby data is scrambled to the point where a long series of characters in the form of a key are needed to unscramble it again. It is by far the safest way to protect your data from unwanted attention.

In addition to technological safety standards which are put in place by MyPCBackup, the data centres where the servers are housed are also subjected to strict security control measures including continuous monitoring and regular checks.

Google Cloud has 99.999999999%% durability guarantee that's how confident they are in their storage security. This equates to just 1 file lost every 10 million years. You can't get safer than that.

Data Encryption

As previously mentioned, MyPCBackup uses 256bit SSL encryption when uploading you files and throughout the period which the data is stored on the server.

Encryption is one of the major reasons why online backup is the preferred choice for computer storage. Encryption prevents malicious parties from attempting to access, change or damage files by storing them in a why which is inaccessible without the key.