What is it that’s so great about online PC backup? Is it the automated backups which have ended the reign of monotonous manual backups which had to be performed for years and years? Is it its extreme levels of security? Or maybe it’s the file sharing capabilities that have eliminated the old method of sending countless email attachments to peers and family?

The fact of the matter is that online PC backup is popular not just because of one of these points, but because of all of them.

However, there is one in particular that might be one of the standout reasons for why people are flocking toward it in abundance. This is known as worldwide access.

Because online PC backup is all about freedom and mobility, anywhere access is never too much to ask of this revolutionary system.

Online PC backup grants you access to your files from a range of portable internet-ready devices such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Widely used files such as music and important documents can also be synchronised, meaning that you are always merely a click away from accessing your virtual world. Our My PC Backup Sync Folder is particularly useful for this.

It’s also free to sync as many devices as you wish!

Welcome to the future of how we access data. Welcome to the future of online PC backup!

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