It seems that Windows backup really is out on its feet now against its heavy hitting online backup rivals. And it’s not hard to understand why.

It’s not that there’s any malice aimed at Windows backup, it’s just that more and more people are becoming reluctant to bet on its abilities. This is because when it comes to local backup, it represents an old system, which though was a champion in its own era, just can’t mix it up with the new athletes (online backup providers) of today.

We need only take a look at a quick comparison between the two to realize which comes out on top.

Windows Backup

Stores user’s data on their computer’s hard drive. It can offer recovery, but is susceptible to physical damage, corruption, failure, and viruses. This could ultimately lead to irretrievable data loss should one of these tragedies strike.

Online Backup

Stores user’s files on a remote data center which is protected by SSL encryption software. 256 bit AES is implemented for transfers. These centers are also monitored by staff for added security. 1TB storage plans are available. If a data center needs servicing or was to experience a technical problem, mirrored data centers are incorporated to ensure data is always both safe and accessible to users.

And this is just the start. But as you can see, only from a small comparison such as this, online backup really is leaps and bounds ahead of conventional systems such as Windows backup.

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