Windows users still seem to be running for the hills in search of better windows backup solutions. And with today’s rapidly growing market of cloud storage companies at the rise, it really is getting left in the dark completely. It still hasn’t offered its users anything new, only giving them the option to store their data on alternate drives or their local home or office networks. Cracks can easily start appearing in simple systems such as this because of the little real security it offers data.

Because hard drives unfortunately weren’t built to last forever, there is always the chance they will unexpectedly go to sleep…forever! And if this happens, more than often it can be fatal for all of your computer’s contents. There are always hard drive recovery professionals working in or around your neighborhood, but it is now common knowledge that these services can cost you a fair bit of cash, whether recovery is possible or not.

If you want to find an alternative fix to Windows backup and wipe out the chances of your files one day becoming obsolete, there is another way: Online backup. Ideal for student’s, home and business users, online backup systems offer vast amounts of storage, with some even offering 1TB Computer Backup. MyPCBackup is one of these companies. Additional peace of mind is also offered from 256 bit AES encryption of which it utilizes to transfer your files to their extremely secure servers. So what are you waiting for? Give their free trial a go now!

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