Backup solutions are constantly being released and updated by vendors, but with the dawn of Windows 8 just around the corner it is expected that the number of Windows backup options will become limited. This is because vendors are expecting to see a new Windows backup program released with the new operating system so instead of making their new backup releases alternatives to Windows backup, they could focus on Mac operating systems or Linux operating systems. This means that when Windows 8 is released, if there isn't a dedicated Windows backup then users of Windows could be short of options should they choose to backup their computer. For years now, whenever a computer backup vendor released a program, the first compatible operating system would be Windows so that the backup system could act as an alternative to the poor default Windows backup program. We could now see that change when Windows 8 comes out, and also due to the fact that the amount of Mac and Linux operating system users is increasing at a very fast rate, so Windows backup solutions might not be the priority for too much longer. Having said that, if you're looking for a Windows backup alternative, now might be the time to invest.

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