Windows Backup is currently extremely outdated - there's no hiding that. There may well be some light on the horizon for Windows backup users with Windows 8 set to be released soon, however will Windows backup users wait that long for an improvement? There are a host of successful backup systems which are built into operating systems such as AcerCloud and iCloud, so why haven't one of the biggest companies in the world improved their own Windows Backup system? Well the reason for their lack of willingness to improve Windows backup is due to their investment into other avenues including messaging and gaming, which indicates that Windows aren't particularly bothered about their Windows backup system. With this lack of commitment from Windows, they can't expect their Windows backup users to wait around for much longer - the backup market is evolving at an exciting rate and prices from Windows backup competitors are plummeting which will draw current Windows backup users to them. What's even more amazing is that some much smaller computing firms such as Acer have released their own integrated backup system before a competitive Windows backup system has been established. This shows how far Windows have slipped behind the pack, and also how little they seem to care about their failing Windows backup system.

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