We all know about the dissatisfaction felt about the Windows Backup system and about how Windows users have jumped ship and gone looking for a Windows backup alternative - however it was previously unknown that businesses feel the same way. Businesses, like a lot of home users, are very stubborn when it comes to their backup methods as they will tend to opt for physical, on-site forms of computer backup so you would assume that Windows backup would be perfect for them, however that was never the case as it turns out that Windows backup isn't as good as it should be. Many businesses left Windows backup very quickly, but they also left all forms of physical on-site backup and opted for an online backup system as it offers far higher security and additional features. Many businesses that don't even use online backup have refused to use Windows backup because the features don't even compare with other modern backup systems - for example the current Windows backup system only gives users the option to copy files onto another drive and classes that as a reliable backup - we have question marks! Windows backup is a long way behind the pack - they need to catch up.

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