If you haven’t tried our service before, this is probably a question that’s sprung into your mind—especially if you’re already considering a bunch of other providers who you may potentially sign up with.

Firstly, we’re passionate about providing the most comprehensive PC backup service possible at an affordable price for everyone, whether intended for personal or business use. This isn’t just a bunch of words, either—our team of developers are often found to be working around the clock on improvements, updates, and new features to push our service to the optimum limit for our users.

Why? Well, we realize that in order to keep PC backup fresh and interesting for our users, we need to offer a lot more than just simple backup and restore—it’s about a lot more than that! It’s about having a huge number of practical features at hand to make everyday file security, access, and sharing as efficient and quick as possible.

Never being quite content may be seen as a curse to some—but here at MyPC Backup we simply think it gives us the edge on every level as we strive for excellence in every area of our system. For instance, we’ve just released our brand new iPhone and iPad apps, and even a Resellers Program for those people who’d like to make a go of running their own PC backup business. We also endeavor to offer the widest range of features around to meet the requirements and demands of a broad range of customers.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect you to take our word for it. That’s why we let our new users firstly run our software for free so they can make up their own mind. Like everything to do with our PC backup system, it just takes a few clicks; download, install, enjoy.

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