It’s true that there are still some doubters of online backup out there with a few questions surrounding the system. Is online backup that important? Is it really going to make accessing my data easier?

Well, one way to look at it is by considering how you’re currently using online backup—because believe it or not, there’s a good chance you are!

Just think about all of those now common actions we all perform on a daily basis through the internet, such as emailing and uploading photos to social networking websites. They can be viewed from anywhere in the world, right? But how? They’re not stored on your computer…so how is it possible you can see them?

Simple—it’s stored in the cloud (on your email/social network provider’s servers).

So when you think about it, you’re already using a form of online backup to make your digital world easier on a day-to-day basis, for storing your confidential messages, and for storing holiday snap albums. And we don’t question the security of this data once uploaded, do we? We do it because it’s a necessity, something we must do to keep up to date while on the move as our lives become more and more mobile.

But what if you could access more than just your emails and a few uploaded Facebook photos on the move? What if you could access an endless amount of your music, videos, photos, emails, contacts, calenders, documents and more? What if you could have access to all of these important files in seconds?

Well, fortunately this is not a ‘what if’ scenario. Because it’s already a reality; a reality which is made possible thanks to online backup.

But don’t take our word for it—why not give our free app a test drive to see what you think?

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