Last night Iain Lobban, the director of the Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) announced that the critical infrastructure of the UK faced a real and credible threat of cyber attacks. These attacks are being witnessed on a frequent basis and are originating from terrorists, organised criminals and hostile governments. The targets range from financial services and mass communication to food and emergency services.

The internet has created an easier environment for cyber terrorists to operate in and has enabled more opportunities for attack. The GCHQ reports that 80% of these attacks can be prevented by implementing correct information protection. The key is for the public and small to medium size businesses to consider their own data security.

The GCHQ states protecting the UK infrastructure is critical as a failure to do so will have an impact on the UK economy. The entire country needs to protect intellectual property and implement security procedures. Where a modern internet infrastructure exists so does the confidence for enterprises to base themselves in the UK, this in turn will grow the economy.

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