There are many advantages of having online backup installed onto a single device such as a notebook or personal computer. Users who adopt the system into their lives can enjoy complete peace of mind in knowing that their important data—whether it be music, video, photos, or documents—is as secure as it can possibly be due to superior levels of encryption. Because user’s data is stored on dedicated servers, which together act as a data center, the whole system that is online backup really couldn’t be any safer.

One thing that online backup is particularly known for is its anytime, anyplace access. This may not be possible, however, if you only currently have a single stationary device such as a personal computer linked to your online backup software. This is because (unless you plan on lugging it around), you are limited in how you can access your data when you’re outside of the home.

By having additional licenses attached to all of your mobile devices, such as a notebook, tablet and smartphone, you will be able to access your data instantly no matter where you are, whether you’re on business, vacation, or simply on a boring train journey.

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