Students should understand in taking steps to secure the information on their computer ought to be as automatic, as buckling a seatbelt when they enter a car.

They can of course, and should further protect files by choosing a strong password for access to their computers. Passwords should contain a combination of letters, numbers and symbols and should not reflect any personal information - such as an address or birth date. Passwords should be changed on a regular schedule to ensure that someone looking over a shoulder is not able to recreate it.

In this ever increasing social world, students should never download or share files unless they have installed antivirus software that scans each file to ensure it is safe. Sharing music and videos is the most common way that viruses are introduced within College or University.

With MyPC Backup, the backup happens automatically, anytime a file is created or edited, without any additional assistance required. Backed up files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection and from all smartphones, including Android, iPhone and BlackBerry devices, through our unique mobile app.

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