All right, so it’s not exactly set in stone that you’ll lose your smartphone (along with your contacts and data), but there are some alarming statistics you should be aware of. Here are the results of a recent US based study:

- 65% of smartphone users store personal and work contacts in the same address book

- 70% of users keep their contacts on their smartphone (20% of these consumers would pay at least $500 or more to guarantee never losing these contacts)

- The use of remote access to contacts is building, with 25% using online backup software to secure their data

- Of the 33% who damaged or lost their smartphones, 20% dropped them into a toilet. 8% left them at theatres and concerts, 67% left them behind in taxis, restaurants, or had a child trash them, and the remaining 5% fell under the category of ‘other’

Although a rise in online backup usage can be seen here, the fact remains: A LOT of people in the US lose their smartphones!

People will always lose their smartphones, of course, and when they do, it will cost them the price of their handset (unless they have insurance, that is). One thing they can’t insure or claim back is their contact information—unless they have online backup.

It’s so easy to underestimate and take for granted our address books and the important numbers they contain, but if we think for a second how lost we’d be without them, whether it be business or personal related, it’s hard to argue that online backup isn’t a life saving tool we could all do with having on our 21st century utility belts.

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