In a world that’s beginning to gradually spend less and less time on their home computers due to the rise of mobile computing technology, which allows more freedom, mobile apps are the perfect way to make data backup and access simple, efficient, and secure no matter where they are, whether it’s on holiday, on the train commute to work, or at a football game.

MyPC Backup has been providing our acclaimed online backup software for Windows and Mac computers for some time now. But are you aware of our newly released online backup mobile apps which have been specifically designed for 100 percent compatibility with Android and iPhone smartphones, and also iPad tablets?

Due to the perfectionism that is often seen from our development team, these apps may have been a while in the making. But now that they’re available, we are very proud to offer them to our existing and new customers. Whether they’re used as a sole means of managing your online backup world or as an additional means (an extra linked device to your notebook, for example), they’re a must have tool for your on-the-move devices.

There are many advantages to having a mobile online backup app such as:

- the peace of mind from knowing that your device’s data (photos, videos, music, etc) is all backed up should something unthinkable happen to your device such as theft, loss, or irreparable damage

- the ability to access and manage regularly viewed files from your Sync Folder

- being able to create notes, doodles and sound recording which can be backed up instantly

- the ability to browse and download files, including pdf, doc, xls and ppt

- the freedom to instantly share photos via email, Facebook and Twitter

- and much more...!

At MyPC Backup we are currently offering all of our mobile online backup apps for free to our customers. Apps for Android run smartphones and tablets can be found at the Google Play Store, and apps for iOS run smartphones and tablets can be found at the iTunes Store.

Remember, you have a fourteen day trial period which we supply our new customers with in order for them to get to grips with our online backup features and tools—though getting used to our apps only usually takes a couple of hours due their simple controls.

We hope you enjoy our service, and look forward to having you onboard as one of our online backup customers!

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