Is a hard drive something you get when you venture off-road in your car? Is an Apple tablet a vitamin supplement? Will typing ‘Google’ into the search engine break the internet?

If you’re leaning toward ‘yes’, or have doubts over which statement above may be true, then chances are you’re not exactly a tech-world aficionado. You’re probably not known for your computer savvy around the home or workplace, either.

But so what? As a man or woman of the twenty-first century, you’ll probably find you still have a relationship with a computer on some level, and most likely use a smartphone and or a camera to take snaps and videos of your friends and family. You probably listen to music with the help of mobile technology, too. (If even this doesn't sound like you, it’s probably wise to start making your way to that light at the end of your cave...)

But joking aside, even if you’re not a disciple of technology, there’s one thing that’s certainly true: we all own digital files. They may be stored on your home computer, smartphone, tablet or notebook, or on devices within your business. You may create data frequently or not so much, but another thing is indisputable: you’ve acquired a lot of the stuff over the years, and, there’s a strong likelihood you wouldn’t want to lose it.

History has shown us that local storage devices aren’t the most reliable when it comes to protecting our data. Hard drives can crash, become infected with viruses, and don’t usually possess the footwork to flee from natural disasters such as fires and floods. When it comes to mobile technology, such as smartphones and notebooks, they are also far from perfect. They can be easily lost, damaged, and stolen.

Ever heard of that ‘friend of a friend’ who dropped her smartphone in a cappuccino at the coffee house? What about the businessman who left his notebook in the departure lounge before his business trip had even started? Well, these people and their misfortunes are real. And when tragic instances like this take place, we all ask ourselves the same thing: What would I give, pay, to get my data back?

Enter online backup, the data storage revolution! (Online what...?)

Online backup is a phenomenon that allows us all to secure our data by sending it via an internet connection to a highly secure offsite location where this data can be later accessed—anytime, anywhere—from a range of desktop and mobile devices. And that’s it. In a nutshell, anyway.

Online backup might sound complicated, or even very, but it’s as simple to operate as it sounds; and our service here at MyPC Backup makes the whole experience even simpler for our customers. The online backup system itself may be a complex one behind the scenes, but we don’t feel this should cross over into the customer’s experience of storing and accessing files. So we’ve kept it simple. So very simple.

Our designers have purposefully built a control panel and overall service that can be used by anyone—no matter their IT skill set. In fact, our many features, such as File Syncing, Automated Scheduled Backups, and File Sharing, typically take just ten minutes to become acquainted with.

But why take our word for it? You can get to know our service yourself now with our Free Online Backup Trial. For more information on our services, feel free to browse our site where you can learn about our extensive list of features and the security levels employed by our data centers.

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