A recent article in ‘Wired Magazine’ reported the arrest of an alleged hacker called Masato Nakatsuji. Nakatsuji is accused of creating a virus that replaces every file on a computer with images of sea urchins, octopi and squid.

The virus, known as Ika-tako (translates to ‘Squid-octopus’), has attacked a reported 50,000 computers. The arrest of Nakatsuji was based on charges of property destruction, as the nature of the virus makes it “impossible to retrieve the original computer files.” This is the first time police in Tokyo have arrested someone for property destruction in connection to malicious software.

Ika-tako isn’t the only virus capable of destroying all your files. There are reportedly over 1,112,311 known computer viruses worldwide. If you suspect any fishy activity on your computer make sure your files, photos, music, and data are protected by MyPC Backup

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