Right at the end of last year it looked as though all of the anticipation for the new Windows backup system was over when file history was announced - Windows 8 had released a new Windows backup service so we'd thought and it was named File History. From what we knew at the time, what we though was the new Windows backup feature didn't appear to have any online features, however it it did at least seem an advancement on the previous Windows backup system. The system allowed the user to select an alternative drive or network location for backing up your files, and whilst the local backup features looked good, it was a surprise to see no online features at all. Apart from the obvious negative point of the lack of online features, there were some other disappointments such as there was no file encryption or file compression meaning that your backup drive's storage limit wouldn't last long. Apart from the annoying drawbacks to the new system, the new Windows backup system did allow you to select how frequently you required a backup of your files, and additionally offered you the choice of keeping your files backup up forever or for a limited amount of time.

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