Earlier this month it was revealed that Yahoo’s database, which contained users' email usernames and passwords, was accessed by the infamous hacking clan known as the d33d Company. In fact, Yahoo confirmed to the world that at least 400,000 logins had been accessed by the hackers who subsequently posted the confidential details along with the following sentence displayed at the foot of the data dump:

‘We hope that the parties responsible for managing the security of this sub-domain will take this as a wakeup call, and not as a threat.’

Of course, as soon as users of the household-named site became alerted to the news, there was an ensuing panic amongst them. It is suggested that this incident was a possible reason for the sudden increase in keywords such as PC backup which flooded into search engines like never before. It’s likely that users began to feel the pressure to backup their computer’s files with PC backup software after realizing just how easily their email accounts had become victim to hackers.

Although Yahoo has released a statement ensuring its users that it is working around the clock to patch up any holes within the encryption of its database infrastructure, many IT security experts have voiced their disgust in the provider’s incompetence toward being prepared for hacking techniques such as SQL injections.

Considering how easy it was for a global company such as Yahoo to be infiltrated, it can easily be said that users of home computer’s who have far lower levels of security encryption should definitely be looking to install PC backup software now or certainly in the very near future.

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