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For many businesses, the reason why they adopt an onsite office network is because they worry about internal hard drive corruptions and failures, and also human error in way of accidental deletion or loss through external storage devices. One threat they tend to ignore, though, is cyber ... Continue Reading

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Despite all of the advantages and freedom that online computer backup has offered the world, there is still a lot quiet murmurs and skepticism leaving the mouths of cloud cynics. One of the points they often try to point out is that online computer backup slows down user’s computers ... Continue Reading

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If there’s one good thing about entering into your more elderly years, it’s that you can afford more. You’ve worked all your life and have your savings and pension to finally enjoy—and your kids have long left the nest too! Finally you can put your feet up, rest your mind and soul, and ... Continue Reading

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We all like to think we are prepared for the worst that can happen to us in our day to day lives. We protect our belongings by locking them in our alarmed houses, password protect our computers, keep our money in banks, and keep our computer files backed up on many storage devices. These acts ... Continue Reading

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MyPC Backup takes its online data backup services very seriously. This is why we are constantly updating all aspects of our system in order to give our customers the best we can, whether it be in file synchronization, file or folder sharing, device locating, automated backups, high levels of ... Continue Reading

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By now, most people know all about the folder sharing function that is associated with most online backup software systems. It is one of the most commonly used functions of MyPC Backup. Not only are our features some of most comprehensive around, they are also some of the most user-friendly on the ... Continue Reading

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Online backup with MyPC Backup couldn’t be easier. As always, we believe in offering a lot—for less. We also believe that every aspect of our system should be as simple and user friendly as possible. Take our online backup website for example. It’s easy on the eye, yet still contains a ... Continue Reading

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MyPCBackup offers its computer backup customers a generous assortment of features and tools to help them with their everyday backup and recovery needs. They have been much praised by our customers, but in true MyPCBackup tradition, we have a number of additional upgrades that can amplify the ... Continue Reading

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It seems that Windows backup really is out on its feet now against its heavy hitting online backup rivals. And it’s not hard to understand why. It’s not that there’s any malice aimed at Windows backup, it’s just that more and more people are becoming reluctant to bet on its abilities. ... Continue Reading

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Here at MyPCBackup we are confident that we have created one of the most competent and user friendly online backup systems on the market. We can, however, still appreciate that not all users are the same and may from time to time have a query or two. In true tradition at MyPCBackup, though, we ... Continue Reading

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