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Well, well, well, who would have thought that the once $12bn valued MySpace would be selling out for $100m (at an ambitious push)? In 2007 the company was valued at $12bn during talks with Yahoo about a merger, the company value dropped considerably in the space of a year when the company ... Continue Reading

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This is the news Facebook fans on iPad have been waiting for. No more crappy iPhone app for the iPad and no more 2x zoom. Yippee!! Rejoice my fellow Ipadders, our prayers have been answered. Facebook are finally putting one together and rumour has it the iPad app has been in testing for some time ... Continue Reading

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We are in the middle of a digital transformation. Our lives are intertwined with technology in a digital universe. A universe where all of our personal information is stored; photos, music, financials, personal data, contact information are all floating around in cyberspace. It has now become ... Continue Reading

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Late yesterday evening, two great sporting teams graced the hallowed rubber crumb of Goals, Eastern Road. The long standing rivalry between the Ravens and the Snakes was again to be on display as the two, talent packed sides were to clash heads once again. Many of my fellow writers will ... Continue Reading

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1. Turn off the Gadgets The windows widgets that are on the right side of the screen are pretty lightweight, but on a low power system every little helps. 2.Disable Indexing Windows constantly indexes files to make sure you locate them quickly in a search, but unless you search regularly, ... Continue Reading

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After a few days of development by our new superstar developer Fab, we are very pleased to say that we have a fully functional mobile site and it is fantastic. The mobile browser site allows our users to access their files quickly while on the go. We have simplified the site to contain synced ... Continue Reading

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This is what a Laptop hard drive failure looks and sounds like. Backup immediately if you hear weird clicking and rattling noises. Indeed have a regular backup scheduled, regardless of how old your hard drive ... Continue Reading

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Figures in a recent report have shown that attacks on computer systems, industrial espionage and theft of company data costs businesses alone £21billion a year. Theft of intellectual property from businesses cost £9.2billion and industrial espionage costs £7.6 billion. In addition Cyber ... Continue Reading

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Hello All, We are very happy to announce that we are now building a presence on twitter. We will be posting there about new features, software updates, competitions and other cool stuff. Follow us here: We are also very excited to finally be live on twitter ... Continue Reading

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Flicking through the newspaper this morning I found an interesting article about cloud computing. The article, a report written by the Centre for Economics and Business research revealed the 5 biggest EU economies could jointly save £645 billion over the next 5 years by switching some of their ... Continue Reading

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