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A sneaky software developer and researcher have uncovered evidence of an "unannounced" Facebook music service. Jeff Rose blogged that after the launch of Facebook Video Chat, he decided to examine the code that the new feature requires to function correctly, finding that it made reference ... Continue Reading

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A consumer group has accused Yahoo! of scanning through its customers e-mails for information to use to sell advertising. The world's largest free e-mail provider says "signing up" to its new service means active scan technology will be used to block spam, and to offer adverts relevant to ... Continue Reading

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Apple's Cupertino HQ today announced that the App Store has hit the 15 billion downloads mark. The Store currently contains well over 400,000 apps, a quarter of those are native iPad apps. There are now across the world over 200 million iOS devices, meaning that in download terms, that is ... Continue Reading

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As most expected, the exciting news released this week regarding Facebook, would be its partnership with Skype, offering one on one video calls between online users. Although potentially exciting for the now 750 Million active users of Facebook, industry experts have been quick to note the ... Continue Reading

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Injury plagued England and ex Manchester United Midfielder Owen Hargreaves has taken YouTube by storm with his fitness proving videos, to help search for a new club. The player who's contract was not renewed this term by Red Devils manager Sir Alex Ferguson, is determined to prove he is ... Continue Reading

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It was announced last week, that Facebook were about to release something awesome, and the rumour mill has beem churning as to what this might be. The most likely one is the announcement of "Skype" video integration onto Facebook, most likely to rival the video chat tol on the new ... Continue Reading

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It looks like Google could be in trouble again, as it was revealed that they may be sued for scooping up data from open wi-fi networks. A judge in San Francisco has decided the company's actions have violated several federal laws on wire tapping. Google have tried to flip the ruling on ... Continue Reading

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Earlier this morning Google announced that new activations of its Android-based mobile product currently exceeds 500,000 for every day of the week, and is currently growing at a rate of over 4% every week. The news comes from a tweet made by Google's mobile division manager, Andy ... Continue Reading

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After weeks of speculations and wrangling, News Corporation has sold its ailing social networking site MySpace to online advertising firm Specific Media. Back in 2005 Rupert Murdochs News Corp paid $580 million for Myspace, but users and advertisers left the site for the ever increasingly ... Continue Reading

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Search engine giant Google has launched a new social networking website in its latest attempt to thwart the rise of Facebook, which currently stands at a whopping 500 million online users. The new service Google+allows users to share photos, messages and comments, also allowing the ... Continue Reading

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