Despite all of the advantages and freedom that online computer backup has offered the world, there is still a lot quiet murmurs and skepticism leaving the mouths of cloud cynics.

One of the points they often try to point out is that online computer backup slows down user’s computers considerably.

But the truth of the matter is that it’s very unlikely to be true. If it were, then surely online computer backup would not have become the global phenomenon it is today. There may well be some providers out there who have poorly designed and performing software which may slow down a computer’s performance when running, but on the whole, any serious or market leading company would never let anything but the cleanest of designed software reach their customers. It just wouldn’t make any sense not to, would it?

Our own MyPC Backup software, for example, has been praised on numerous occasions in customer reviews and testimonials for its silent and discreet online computer backup and functionality.

However, if, whoever you provider may be, you discover that your computer is running considerably slower than usual, it’s always worth taking a step back to consider what other things might be effecting the overall process. For instance, has your computer just applied for an elderly citizen bus card and joined the hardware donor list? If it has, then this could play a large role in how your computer reacts with online computer backup software.

We can safely say that with MyPC Backup, though, as long as your computer isn’t from the dark ages, the only time you are likely to notice a slight difference is when our software is backing up your files. And even then, you probably won’t even notice it!

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