Although current users of Microsoft’s popular operating system have been crying out for a built in Windows backup for a long, long time now, it seems they are very likely to find a look of disbelief on their faces when they install the company’s newest edition, Windows 8.

Unfortunately for them, the only kind of backup system they’ll be coming across will simply be a variant of the older and far more limited technology of local backup. This is a little confusing, since the whole world tends to be looking toward the future of more secure methods of backup for their data…

The Windows backup system that will be included—for what’s it’s worth—is to be called File History. Of course, like conventional local backup, it is capable of making regular backups to a storage device such as an external hard drive. Besides this, though, it appears to be fairly limited.

Some users had expected the integration of Sky Drive, Microsoft’s current online backup system. This won’t be the case, however, and if users want to utilize this system additionally, they will have to open up their wallets again.

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