The internet carries a vast amount of information. So much so that no one man or woman could ever truly consume it all. The internet and its services have caught on so strongly within the past ten years that it is now an everyday part of life. Never has there been such a fast way to receive and learn information. And never has there been such a fast way to share it with others.

But there’s one thing that’s still never changed: The internet is not the safest place to take a walk.

Because standing at the side of every highway is a virus waiting to be picked up. In fact, eleven percent of PC’s are infected with viruses every month. This is bad enough. But it gets worse. Of this eleven percent, thirty seven percent of these infections end up causing data loss.

And so what can we do to eliminate viruses on the internet? Not a lot. But, there is something we can all do to protect our computers from them. Conventional anti-virus and integrated recovery software is all right for short term protection—but who really knows when they’re going to be hit by a virus?

The best way to avoid data loss is by installing an online computer backup system to your computer. The difference between standard recovery software and online backup?—256 bit SSL and AES encryption. This is the standard strength of protection employed by the US government and military. And it is available to home and business users for a very affordable price. So when it comes to local computer backup vs online computer backup, it’s not a question of who wins—it’s a question of when are people going to realize it’s time to upgrade.

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