Technology giant, Sony, has added another dimension to its new Reader device. Users won’t just feel the benefit of having a more powerful battery, but will also be able to backup their documents and books instantly with online backup, the collaborating provider of which is yet to be determined.

The new model known as the PRS-T2, is the new and improved follow up from its predecessor, 2011’s PRS-T1. With an online backup based aggregation service integrated, users will be able to backup different aspects of their reading world, such as the books themselves and favorite passages and quotes too.

Users will be able to save articles and web clips from other devices or stationary computers, and later download them to the Reader. All they will need of course, is a WiFi connection.

Sony’s new device also boasts a lot more than just online backup. Its improved battery life lasts up to two months. This is double the power of the PRS-T1 and many other e-readers which are currently on the market.

Other features include a six inch display, with Sony’s E-Ink Pearl technology in place. The popular ‘pinch and pull’ method will still be implemented for zooming in and out. Among other technological advances, a multitude of colors to choose from will continue to keep the hip, fresh face of digital reading alive and kicking. Whoever said reading wasn’t cool, eh?

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