As it stands at the moment, about ten percent of user data is stored in the cloud using online backup software. A recent study has shown that this is rapidly growing and that by 2015 thirty eight percent of all user data will be stored in the cloud. A key factor that has driven this change is the connectivity between a range of internet-ready devices such as smartphones and tablets with the cloud backup system. By 2015 it’s estimated that the average storage amount of each home will grow from 500 gigabytes (2012) to 3.8 terabytes.

The study looked into the digital content which was being stored from smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and PC’s, and stated that user storage needs will grow from approximately 350 exabytes in 2015 to 4.5 zettabytes in 2016. The largest areas for storing data using online backup software will be from users who live in North America and Western Europe, with the majority of this data coming from media such as videos and photos which are stored by social networking sites such as Facebook.

Computer users have traditionally stored their data on their PC’s for years, but as we begin to enter a world that is progressively turning mobile, using multiple portable devices that are interconnected (of which have built-in cameras), home PC storage could become a thing of the past before we know it. As we are no longer bound by stationary computers, our on-the-move downloads of more and more content call out to online backup software in a very loud way.

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