This year, in the US, millions and millions of people are set to become University students after enrolling at the end of summer. It’s a staggering number when we consider the amount of people who will be entering into this higher level of education, and also how many computing devices will be being utilized to complete the various pieces of work undertaken in their studies. 96% of students now own a computer, which of course is a huge aid in helping with everyday University life such as creating assignment work and organising class and social event schedules.

There are, however, a few issues students face when it comes to managing their data. Here are a few ways that online backup can help remove them:

Never Losing Work Again...Ever!

With computer statistics constantly reminding us that around 9% of computer users will permanently lose their data annually, this can only highlight how important it is to backup data on a regular basis. That means that 3 out of 30 people in every class will lose their data within the next year. That’s a scary thought, isn’t it? Luckily online backup software, such as our own here at MyPC Backup, can backup a student’s files automatically on a daily basis to a highly secure data center, making them readily accessible for recovery at any time should the worst happen to their computer.

Simplifying Collaboration

With most University degrees including modules that encourage students to collaborate on projects nowadays, the time to remove the frustratingly inefficient method of sending multiple email attachments between fellow students has never been more essential. Thanks to File Sharing from online backup, though, single or multiple files can be shared quickly and conveniently between users.

Optimizing Presentations

Love them or hate them, it’s a dead cert that you’ll have to plan, create and make a presentation at University. On the day of the presentation, students will usually bring in their speech notes and related files on a flash drive. There’s just one problem with these tiny devices: they either have a habit of sprouting legs, or, humans just tend to lose them easily. However, with online backup, no matter what happens to a flash drive, a backed up copy of the user’s files can be found and recovered. Students could even perform their presentations by using their smartphones or tablets to view their backed up files.

And there you have it—a more secure and efficient way of managing student digital life.

So don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Make it simple with online backup.

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