Because we all live in a wireless world that demands fast and instant access to our information, it’s not too surprising that most people own a smartphone these days.

Smartphones are no longer considered to be merely a slightly evolved ‘mobile’ phone, but are instead seen as highly sophisticated pieces of technology. Because not only do they have high-quality cameras and video recording capabilities, they also offer remarkable storage solutions for contacts, email, photos, videos, and applications.

As great as they are, though, they are also remarkably known for sprouting legs, and, being a tad slippery from time to time...

For example, here are a few recent statistics on smartphone disasters:

- Eighteen percent of us have decided to either spill our coffee over them, or...simply dropped them in our coffee

- Eleven percent of us have had them totally destroyed by young children who thought they could be better enjoyed in smaller pieces...

- Twenty one percent of us have left them behind in a restaurant or taxi

- Ten percent of us have dropped them into the toilet

- And forty percent of us have managed to dispose of them in ‘other’ ways...

And so, in light of these statistics and the fact that we carry a large portion of our digital lives on our smartphones, has there ever been a better time to secure our data with online backup?

Online backup could save you from disasters like these, offering instant recovery at an affordable price.

So don’t wait for the day your smartphone grows legs or decides to take a dive into the toilet...get online backup now!

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