We hear it all the time, but it’s now becoming clearer than ever that online backup adoption is surging in a big, big way according to a recent study. (May we send our condolences to any tearful flash drives, compact discs and the like out there who are feeling the pressure. We encourage them to think back to their glory days when they defeated the mighty floppy disk, and to grow old without bitterness toward the cloud…)

A recent online backup survey of three hundred small to medium sized businesses revealed that 29% overall had implemented an online backup system in place of their conventional recovery system within the past five months. A further 15% stated that they had plans to make the changeover by the beginning of next year.

Of the 29% of companies who have now adopted the cloud, 91% said they felt a noticeable relief as compared with their previous system. This could be due to many things, with automated backups being one of the key elements. 69% admitted to having not previously performed recoveries and finding time to monitor their data continuity plans on a regular basis. In fact, only 19% said they’d done so every week.

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