This week I thought I would take some time to create a short glossary of some of the words and phrases associated with the world of online backup. I hope this will help you to further understand this industry and maybe help you decide to make a smart choice and backup your data with MyPC Backup.

Online Access: enables the user to access the files they have backed up via any web browser, usually through a secure portal.

Bandwith Usage: refers to how much bandwidth is used during a backup. Sometimes more bandwith may be used during quieter times of the day and vice versa.

Transfer Encryption: data should be encrypted via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to prevent it being intercepted whilst in transit between the original source and the storage server.

End to End Encryption: data should be encrypted before it leaves the source computer and stored in an encrypted form at its destination server.

Data compression: to minimise the amount of bandwidth used during a backup, the data is compressed into a lossless compression algorithm. Simply, data is packed into a smaller file size for a more efficient upload.

Latency: is the measurement of time taken for data to be encoded and transferred between computers/servers or communicating devices. Slow latency causes lag, and it is this that is normally responsible for transfer speeds that are slower than companies advertised bandwidth figures.

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