There’s no question that notebooks are a vital advent in today’s technology. They’re mobile, light weight, and, thanks to new advances, are becoming more and more optimal when it comes to battery life. Like all devices in the computer sector, though, they are prone to damage and unpredictable internal failure. This is not necessarily because of user ignorance or lack of diligence when it comes to taking care of personal property, but more so because it’s just a fact of life that things WILL break. It’s awful to admit it to ourselves, isn’t it? But unfortunately, nothing can last forever.

A lot of notebook users feel that they are safe by using their integrated Windows backup system. However, this system can only recover files if their hard drive’s functionality has not gone beyond the point of no return. This is quite a high risk to run—for anyone, no matter whether a home or business user. People only need take notice of the facts at hand to realize just how vulnerable notebooks are. In fact, reports tell us that one in three will take their last breath within the first three years of their life. This is due mostly to unforeseeable corruption and failure suffered by hard drives, and partly unintended damage from owners.

Because of this, Windows backup has certainly become known as a very limited system offering low support in recovering your files. Because it relies on local backup, it just can’t cut the mustard. Online backup, however, can bring a much better system to laptop users. Because it implements third party encrypted storage, it means user’s files are always recoverable should the worst happen. And with mirrored data storage now in place, even backed up files are re-backed up!

This is one of the reasons why more and more people are leaving traditional backup and moving on to online backup every day.

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