Summer is upon us again and it’s the time of year when we pack our bags and head off to sunny beaches and clearer skies. Technology makes travelling a more enjoyable experience and we can keep ourselves entertained with an arsenal of Mobile Phones, Mp3 Players, Laptops and Portable DVD Players, all of which are being tucked away in suitcases, hand baggage and pockets.

As many unfortunate travellers know, sometimes suitcases get lost, hand baggage gets left behind and pockets get picked. The problem is even if you are insured and manage to get a replacement, the insurance can never replace the data that has been lost. The pictures, music, videos and documents you put together over time, especially over your vacation time, can be gone forever.

So before you jet off on your travels make sure you ‘jettison’ your data into your MyPC Backup Folder.

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