Once again, MyPC Backup has released another new feature which we are very happy to offer to all of our users. We hope it will make our already established market leading data backup system even more user-friendly and practical.

Of course, it will not be our last new addition either—we are never content, and are constantly trying to add to our data backup software and website to make things better!

This new feature is called ‘Browser Drag & Drop Sync’.

We do already offer a file syncing function, but since it can only be used on devices which have our software installed on them, we thought we’d make things a whole lot easier by creating a drag and drop and multiple file upload feature on our website. The great thing about this is that no matter where you are, whether you’re at work or on a family member’s computer, etc, you’ll be able to upload to your sync folder straight through our data backup website.

Due to its ultra-simplistic design, you could find that it will literally take you seconds too!

‘Browser Drag & Drop Sync’; just another time saving data backup solution from MyPC Backup.

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