The Best 10 Online Backup (, a site that allows visitors to critique their online backup providers, has seen no change as of late in regards to its number 1 rated company. Reviewers have posted their personal testimonies and made their voices heard, clearly showing their approval of MyPCBackup.

Let’s take a look at a few of the aspects customers mentioned they enjoyed:

1TB Computer Backup

As one of the few providers who offer 1TB Computer Backup, MyPCBackup offers its plentiful data space for an attractive low price which many of its competitors struggle to match.

Ultra-Simple Control Panel

As this is one of the key features a lot of users are looking for, MyPCBackup has purposely created one of the most simple and trouble-free systems around. They realise that the smoother the journey, the happier the customer will be. Because after all, what’s the use in having online backup (which is supposed to make your life easier) if you’re wasting time trying to get it working?

Multiple Device Mobile Access

Users have been benefiting from this effective feature which now allows them to manage and access their online backup accounts from fully functional apps on their smartphones, laptops and tablets. This is also a much sought after feature as not all providers offer this service to their customers.

How much longer MyPCBackup will continue to hold the mantle for is unknown. But at least, for now, it is overtly known that they are a company who serve their customers to the highest of levels. Congratulations MyPCBackup!

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