MyPC Backup’s aim is to provide the best possible computer backup system around! We do this in a variety of ways by offering a huge roster of features, user-friendly software, and affordable packages to meet every kind of user’s needs whether intended for business or personal usage.

And now, we’re offering you the chance to join our Resellers Program which launches soon in August.

By becoming a reseller of our software, you can jump into the sizzling market of computer backup, become your own boss, selling it solely, or add it as a bolt-on to a website with visitors who may be attracted to products such as this.

Being a computer backup reseller can benefit you in the following ways:

- You’re the boss! Your customers belong to you, and you set the prices!

- There’s no need to fiddle around with computer backup software—we’ve already created it for you!

- Your computer backup business can be accessed and managed from a control panel, including billing and all other aspects

- No matter the amount of customers you accumulate, you’ll only ever have to pay for your package and storage plan

- You will be able to offer your customers additional features that can draw in extra profits

Sound good?

If you’d like to find out more about our program, please visit our Reseller link which can be found at the foot of our Home page.

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