MP Louise Mensch says that she has received multiple threats against her and her children, from the hacking groups, Anonymous and LulzSec.

She has since contacted House of Commons authorities, who have now referred the matter to the police.

A spokesperson for the Met Police has said officers were examining an email.

Anonymous has targeted groups and organisations before, of whom they believe threaten the use of free speech online, while LulzSec's focus has been to expose poor security.

Mrs Mensch, MP for Corby, made the claim through Twitter while on her holiday in New York.

She said "Had some morons from Anonymous/Lulzsec threaten my children via email.

"To those who sent it; get stuffed losers. I have contacted the police via the House of Commons and the email is with them now. I don't bully easily, kids. Or in fact at all.

"Oh and I am posting it on Twitter because they threatened me to get off Twitter."

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