To begin with, the business world was cautious about online data backup. And it was only a natural thing to feel, as it is whenever a new technology suddenly swamps the market. But over time, more and more businesses have started to turn in their old local backup systems for state of the art online data backup. Some people feel that there’s no evidence to suggest this, but one need only look at the range of surveys, which are available to find in various online articles, to prove it.

For instance, a new survey, which amassed a collection of information from one thousand five hundred small to large businesses, revealed that a staggering sixty three percent had implemented online data backup within the last year.

Continuity plans have always been crucial within business, and these statistics clearly show just how serious this is for companies in the dawn of the twenty first century.

When questioned for reasons of the switchover to online data backup, employee’s reports contained a lot of interesting feedback, such as quicker recovery times (of up to five times faster), that offsite employees were able to access files effortlessly (thanks to file sharing), and most crucially, that they had acquired backup peace of mind (due to automated scheduled daily data backup).

These findings can only be seen as positive to the remaining businesses of this world that are still standing on the threshold of switching over. And so hopefully, before too long, we will see a lot more new companies reaping the rewards of this new technology.

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