There has been news for a long time that Windows might finally be releasing the update their users have been waiting for for a long time - Windows backup. What's annoying for Windows PC users is that the update they planned on releasing was for their mobile devices and not for their PCs! The details were very vague when the statement was released so it was hard to tell the exact features however we do know that the newest Windows backup mobile feature will be available on the next Windows mobile OS release, which is expected to be when Windows 8 comes to the mobile world - known as Apollo. We still haven't seen this new Windows backup system in the flesh yet, however their general mission statement appears clear - to restore a user's device to how it was previously quickly and seamlessly after a disaster or device loss. Hopefully when it is released Windows will go to town on their updates and really improve their PC windows backup service which has been failing for a number of years now, and it also looks as though this system could be closer than ever. It looks as though Windows users might be in for a double treat - mobile and PC Windows backup updates.

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