In addition to the commonly known days of Christmas and Thanksgiving, there are also a number of less well known—and slightly bizarre ones—too. Anyone feel like celebrating Worship of Tools Day, or Ear Muff Day this month? Probably not. But there’s one at the tail-end, on 31st March, which is well worth remembering: World Backup Day.

Its purpose is much more...well, purposeful. It’s about creating awareness of securing the world’s data with online backup. Another words, trying to save all those music, videos, photos and documents from your home computer, smartphone, tablet, or business. Simple.

In a nutshell, online backup is a service which allows you to backup all your data, whether personal or business-related, to a secure off-site location. In the event of data disaster—resulting from a fire, flood, hard drive malfunction or virus—your files will be recoverable anytime and anywhere.

But why do I need online backup? you ask. My data’s already on my hard drive and a number of compact discs and flash drives.

All right, good point. But the fact still remains that online backup is not just the newest form of file storage, security, and access, but is a revolutionary phenomenon, which causes the face of conventional storage to glow red. More on that later.

First, let’s take a look at a few facts about onsite/local backup:

According to a recent survey performed by, 40% of users have never backed up any of their data. 25% carry out a monthly backup, and an alarming 80% don’t have a backup of their most valued/critical files, such as holiday snaps and sensitive work documents. The likely reason: backing up manually is a tedious task we’d all rather put off!

Experts often point to the hard drive as the most likely computer component to suffer problems without warning. has reported that the annual failure rate of new hard drives is 4%, and this figure continues to rise as the device gets older, going as high as 7% for 2-3 year old devices.

Oh well, you say, if my hard drive decides to keel over, I’ll just recover the data. This is one option, yes. But unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. The likelihood of data recovery is dependent on your hard drive’s state. Maybe you’ll recover it all. Maybe you’ll recover some, or a little. Or maybe none at all. There are professionals you could call in. They’re out there. But again, whether they can reunite you with your prized files is an uncertainty—and you can also guarantee to find a bill for their services, no matter the outcome.

But I had everything backed up on compact discs and flash drives, you explain. It’s great if you do this. But consider the inconvenience of this dying area of technology and the burden it places on users. If you go on holiday, to a friend’s house, to work, or even a different room in your home, they have to be lugged around with you every single time.

Then comes the issue of their small size—which is as much a convenience as it is an inconvenience. Because of this, and their flimsy build, they are notorious for being lost and stolen. As for storage, they’re fairly limited, too, right? And so the only way to get around this is to buy a heck of a lot of devices. External hard drives could be the answer, then? Well, not quite. They are prone to the same short comings as other devices, and of course, can fail at any given moment. They can be pretty expensive, too.

All right, so just what is it that makes MyPC Backup’s services so superior to these conventional backup methods? In all awful lot!

Here are a few ways our online backup can transform the way you manage your digital world:

Never Backup Again (Ever, Ever, Ever!)

Seriously, with our intuitive software you’ll never have to take time out to backup one single file again. This is because our control panel has the ability to automatically backup your files. Just set the schedule (daily, weekly, hourly) and the files you want backed up—that’s it!

Anytime, Anywhere Access & Backup

Exactly what it says on the tin. Whether you’re at home, on a train, on a business trip or family vacation, you can access and backup all your files from any of your desktop or mobile devices, such as tablets, notebooks and smartphones.

Ultimate 1TB Storage Space

Most providers offer ample storage, whether in megabytes or terabytes. We’ve taken the ‘how much storage’ question and tossed it out the window, however, by taking a bit of a simpler approach: offering the Ultimate 1TB Storage Space. What could possibly make more sense!

Elite Security

It’s true that you can protect your hard drive with anti-virus software—but our data centers protect your files via Bank Grade encryption 24/7, and offer a 99.9% level of durability. Think of them as huge peak-performance hard drives dedicated to providing the securest home for your files possible.

Mobile Device Compatibility

We have an app for every device, meaning no matter the device you’re carrying, such as an iPhone, Android tablet or Mac, you’ll never be far away from managing your digital world. All devices. All files. Delivered in no time.

File Syncing

Nothing complicated about this at all. If you have a bunch of files you’d like to have on all your devices at all times, this is the perfect feature for you. Just upload a file to your Sync Folder and it will be copied across all your devices.

File Sharing

Gone are the days of committing yourself to the mundane activity of sending multiple email attachments and writing photo CDs for friends and family. With our online backup File Sharing, you can share small or large files, no matter their type, in a matter of seconds.

Surprisingly Affordable

In the long run, given online backup’s pinnacle levels of encryption, durability and storage, it works out significantly cheaper than going down the conventional storage device route. But this isn’t the only reason. Since the popularity of online backup is still soaring, MyPC Backup, like many other providers, have lowered our prices considerably, making our services feasible to anyone, whether for business or personal purposes. Our prices are also some of the most competitive around.

As you can see, the benefits of online backup are endless. Conventional storage has served man well, but it’s time we all embraced the future. And thanks to World Backup Day, the increased awareness could lead to a world where data loss and cumbersome recoveries become things of the past.

For more information on our services, feel free to browse our Home Online Backup, Business Online Backup, and Reseller Online Backup packages.

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