At MyPC Backup, we realised something: backing up and accessing files solely through desktop computers and notebooks can become a bit of a drag if it’s your only way of managing your online backup world. It’s alright for some of the time, but what if you’re on the move and are miles away from home and aren’t anywhere near a public computer and Wi-Fi hotspot, and to add insult to injury, your notebooks’s battery has run out of juice.

Well, in that case your online backup is probably feeling quite distant, isn’t it?

But fear not, because now our new MyPC Backup iPhone application is available from the iTunes Store to be downloaded and installed, making your online backup completely, and conveniently, mobile again. After all, it makes sense to have options when it comes to backing up, doesn’t it? This increases the ease of backing up and viewing documents, streaming files such as videos and music, and managing your Sync Folder.

We think our customers will love this application which has been developed specifically for the iPhone. Of course, you can expect the usual key functions of our regular backup software, but can also expect a whole bunch of additional features which we threw in to make your mobile life even more efficient, easier, and productive.

To experience our new online backup application, simply pay a visit to the iTunes Store, then simply download and install. Once completed, remember to add your iPhone to your account’s linked devices. And that’s it—you’re set and ready to go!

Our new online backup application—just another handy tool from MyPC Backup.

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