Sometimes portable devices such as laptops and tablets can be easy to either lose or misplace as they are often items we like to take around with us, whether it be for local travel to friends or relatives, or for international travel abroad when vacationing or on business. Because these devices are indeed ‘portable’, it does mean your PC will always be the only one to hold the ‘Never Getting Lost’ mantle.

But did you know that with PC backup you can now locate all of your devices. You can do this no matter where you have left them, be it under your sofa, at the office, or in the bottom drawer of the last hotel you stayed in. This can be done by logging into your PC backup provider’s website and taking a minute to check out their locations. As well as now knowing where your devices are, you can know where they are if you suspect they have been stolen.

If this is the case, before calling the police you should gather your device information from your provider’s website and have it ready to relay to them. They can then get in touch with your ISP provider to help them hone in on your devices’ whereabouts, increasing the chances of your items being returned to you. This feature of PC backup will be much welcomed by those who are forgetful, extremely busy, or are unfortunate enough to be the victims of theft.

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