We can only begin to guess just how much data exists in the world today…and how many trees are being subsequently spared the chop because of it! But like anything, the more you have, the greater the need becomes to store it efficiently. And because the world is becoming increasingly mobile, the need to have access to files is becoming even greater too.

Computer backup can combat both of these problems, offering an endless amount of storage space which can be accessed remotely from any internet ready device from any location worldwide.

But just how secure is computer backup? And how do we know our files are truly safe in its hands?

In terms of its ultra-protective file encryption, it could be said to be the securest method of computer backup to date. This is because the same level of encryption which computer backup vendors use is also incorporated by financial and government institutions. No matter whether files are being uploaded to a computer backup vendor, downloaded back to a user’s computer, or are simply being stored in the vendor’s servers, they are always surrounded by the same level of encryption.

Added with the fact that computer backup vendors are always adding further security measures to their systems, it’s no easy feat to criticize this new technology’s advantages when discussing its safety.

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