Every business these days relies on computers, and if you are a small or medium sized business owner then the chances are you will have heard about computer backup. What isn't guaranteed however is that you will have heard of the latest version of computer backup, as nowadays nearly all computer backup is done online as this enables so much more in the form of features. So, the next logical question surely is should your SMB be using computer backup? Basically, yes - it doesn't matter whether you have one computer or twelve thousand, whether you have one user or one thousand users, everyone will benefit from computer backup. Computer backup vendors have invested countless sums of money on improving their system specifically for corporate users in SMBs and therefore the system has slowly been tailored to your needs as a business runner. So what can you expect as a business computer backup customer? Well firstly all of your data will be encrypted whilst transferring between your system and their system and they will also be encrypted when stored. Remote access to your files is another key benefit to business users of computer backup as many employees travel the world on behalf of their business and accessing files could be key.

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