In this iPad backup tutorial, we’ll be looking into how to use a few more features that the newest addition in our online backup family of products has to offer.

Here’s how to view all media (only backed up photos, videos and music) from all of your linked online backup devices:

- Open your iPad mobile backup app

- Login if necessary

- Tap Home, and then Media from the menu

- Now tap on either My Photos, My Music, or My Videos



- Once you’ve opened a folder, tap the file of your choice

- The file will then download and be viewable

Here’s how to backup screenshots:

- If you’re already familiar with how to take screenshots on your iPad, then you needn’t do anything; all screenshots you’ve taken will be backed up from your camera roll – just make sure you have the Enable Photo Backup toggle switched on, and, if necessary, the Only Backup Over WiFi toggle too

- If on the other hand you’re not familiar with the process, here’s what to do:

- To take an initial screen shot, press the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons together, or alternatively, if you’re having trouble getting the timing right, hold the Home button and then after a split second press the Sleep/Wake button; a visual white flash and sound confirmation will follow when performed correctly

- As mentioned above, to now backup your screenshot/s, simply make sure you have enabled automatic camera roll backup for your device; tap Home, select your iPad device, and then tap Enable Photo Backup, and, if necessary, Only Backup Over Wifi – recent and future screenshots will be backed up from your camera roll from now and onwards

And finally, here’s how to use Doodler and sync your doodles:

- Make sure you’re firstly logged in

- Tap Home

- Then Upload

- From the menu that pops up, tap Draw a Doodle

- You will now see a white screen where you can create your doodles; you can use the following tools listed below (reading from left to right):



- Eraser – 3 sizes available

- Paint Brush – 3 sizes available

- 5 Color Palette3 sizes available, including red, green, blue, yellow and black

- Undo – to undo your last stroke

- Trash Can – to delete your doodle

- Once you’ve finished creating your doodle, tap Upload

- In the new window that appears, locate where you’d like the doodle to be stored and tap Upload; if you’d like to create another folder for the file, tap the + icon, type the name you wish, tap Create, open this new folder and finally tap Upload



Remember, these are just some of the many useful features of our online backup service which is provided to our customers.

For more information on our iPad backup app and other mobile backup apps we have on offer, click here.

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