Our iPad backup app, which works wonders when linked to either a Mac or Windows computer account, is a spectacular way of securing and viewing all of your important home and business data, whether you’re at home, on holiday, away on business—or anywhere else in the world!

From articles posted previous, you may already be familiar with performing actions such as media syncing and automatic camera roll backup. But what if you want to backup your computer remotely from your iPad backup app, or check the settings of your devices or account?

Well, it couldn’t be easier!

But, just in case you fancy a bit of help, here are a couple of quick guides to show you how:

Starting a Computer Backup Remotely from Your iPad (note: your computer must be online):

- Open your iPad mobile backup app

- Login if you aren’t currently

- Tap Home

- Select one of your linked computer devices

- The Overview screen will now appear; in the bottom right corner, tap the large rectangular button which reads Start Backup



Checking the Status/Overview of Your Account, iPad, and Other Linked Online Backup Devices:

Checking Individual Device Status:

- Once again, open your iPad mobile backup app and login if necessary

- Tap Home, and then select a device such as your iPad

- From the Overview screen, you can now see Backup DetailsBacked Up Files, Space Used, No. of Files, No. of Photos, and Last Backup

- Below the Recently Added/Updated Files heading, you can see files which were backed up minutes or up to a few hours ago

- You can see whether the Enable Photo Backup and Only Backup Over WiFi controls are switched on from the bottom of the screen

- You can also quickly see the Backup Status and view the Backed Up Files of your iPad by now tapping Home



Checking Account Settings:

- Tap Home, followed by Settings

- You are now presented with Account, Settings and Support details (plus a Logout control); of which contain the following:



- Account:

- Email - the email address which is currently registered to your account

- Backup Space – ‘X’ GB of ‘Storage Amount’

- Sync Space – ‘X’ % of ‘Storage Amount’

- Settings:

- Upload Quality – the upload quality of photos and videos; you can select either Low, Medium, High, or Original

- Passcode Lock – you have the option to turn this feature on for added security

- Clear Data – The amount of cache data; you have the option to clear this

- Facebook Settings – Alter your Facebook settings

- Support

- MyPC Backup Support – Find helpful support if needed

- App Version – The current version of the mobile backup app installed on your iPad device

These two aspects of this mobile backup app could come in very useful; it’s always convenient to have your account settings to hand (literally!) should you want to check any details, as is starting a remote computer backup when you’re out of the office or home.

Stay tuned for more guides on using our new iPad backup app which will be coming soon.

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