You may well know about MyPC Backup’s very competitively priced online backup account packages which offer a long list of practical, effortless to use, and highly responsive features, coupled with peak levels of encryption for ultimate peace of mind when it comes to backup and access.

But are you aware of our mobile backup apps which, like our computer accounts, offer you a whole lot more than just simple run-of-the-mill features?

Take our new iPad backup app, for example, a smart little gizmo that grants you access into your online backup data library in seconds, plus some more extra features that make this app truly stand out from the crowd.

And to show just how simple it is to utilize some of these clever tools, here are a couple of quick guides:

Creating & Syncing Text, Doodle, Voice Memo Files, & More

- Open your mobile backup app

- Login if necessary

- Tap Home

- Followed by Upload

- From the menu that appears, you have a choice of creating either:

- …a text file

- …a doodle

- …a voice memo

- …a photo/video

- …or the option to upload existing media



- To:

- …create and upload a text file, tap Create a Text File, enter the text you wish, tap Upload, and then, in the new window that appears, select a folder to store it in (or create a new folder/subfolder if you wish by tapping the + icon) and finally tap Upload




- …create and upload a doodle, tap Draw a Doodle, use the paint brush and color palette tools, etc, to complete your design, tap Upload, and store it in a folder using the method stated above

- ...create and upload a voice memo, tap Record a Voice Memo, use the Record and Stop controls to manage your recording, and finally tap Upload and store using the same method above



- …upload existing media (such as photos, for example), tap Upload Existing Media, followed by Select an Album, browse through folders and tap each file you want (a tick will appear on each), tap Done, and then select a folder to store it/them in using the above method

- …create and upload a photo/video, tap Take a Picture, proceed to take a snap or record a video (using the slide bar to switch between the two), tap Use, and then store the file by using the same method mentioned above

Viewing All of Your Linked Devices’ Synced Files

- Once again, make sure you’re logged in

- Tap Home

- Followed by Sync

- In the window that appears, browse through folders to locate the file of your choice

- Tap to view



As you can see, these are some handy little iPad backup features which complement the bread and butter tools of online backup nicely.

To experience them for yourself, plus many more like automatic camera roll backup, and see how MyPC Backup’s acclaimed services can help you, feel free to browse our website and mobile backup section.

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