At MyPC Backup, we’re very proud of our new iPad backup app which allows many of our customers to take care of their online backup personal and business data from anywhere, and at any time. As user-friendly and straightforward as it is—due to the careful approach adopted by our app development team—we still thought that we’d carry on with another useful article that will explain how to perform some more highly useful functions that will allow you to stay on top of your online backup world.

To begin with, here’s how to view backed up files from other devices which are linked to your iPad backup app:

- Open your mobile backup app

- Login if necessary

- Tap Home, followed by Devices

- Now select a device, such as your PC or Mac computer, for example

- Once on the Overview screen, tap Home

- Locate the file you wish to view by browsing through folders



- When it’s been located, tap it

- The file will then download and be viewable

Here’s how to perform some more quick functions with your online backup files (the following tutorial uses photos as an example), such as printing and sharing:

- Once again, make sure your mobile backup app is open and that you are logged in

- Tap Home

- Followed by Media, for example

- Now tap the Photos folder

- From the list of photos you can see, locate the one you wish to manage and then swipe your finger over it either to the left or right

- Six icons will instantly appear, with each one representing a different function; from left to right they are: Download, Save to Camera Roll, Share Via Email, More Options, Print, and Delete



- To:

- …download and view the photo, simply tap the Download icon

- …save the photo, simply tap the Save to Camera Roll icon

- …send the photo via email, tap the Share Via Email icon, enter the email address of the recipient and tap Send

- …manage the photo in more ways, such as assigning it to a contact or opening it in another app, tap the More Options icon



- …print the photo, tap the Print icon, select your printer from the dropdown menu and enter the number of copies below using the + and controls, and then tap Print



- ...delete the photo, simply tap the Delete icon

Some pretty nifty mobile backup features, we think you’ll agree; perfect for operating quick-fire functions when you’re walking around the shops, on your lunch break, or even when you’re on a tight schedule jumping between trains on the work commute.

If you’d like to know more about our iPad backup app and account packages, you can find all of the relevant information, news and updates all from our easy to navigate website.

Thanks for stopping by.

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