MyPC Backup offers you a lot more than just online backup for your Windows or Mac computer—we also offer a huge variety of remote access and many other great features from mobile backup apps. Whether you’re looking for an app for your Android smartphone or tablet, Blackberry, or iPad or iPhone, we’ve got something for you! Not only that, our mobile backup apps are currently free, and can also be linked to a computer account effortlessly to create the ultimate online backup experience.

For today’s online backup article, we’ll be looking into how to perform a couple of very useful tasks which can make iPad photo backup management both incredibly convenient and simple.

Here’s how to set up automatic camera roll backup:

- Open the MyPC Backup app

- Login if necessary with your email address and password

- Tap Home

- Followed by Devices

- Then select your iPad device, i.e. ‘iPad-2’

- You will now be taken to your Device Overview screen

- At the bottom of the screen under the Photo Backup heading, tap Enable Photo Backup to turn on the automatic camera roll backup process, and, if you would prefer, the Only Backup Over WiFi option

- Any photos which are in your iPad’s camera roll will now be backed up, and also whenever photos are taken and added to your roll in the future



Here’s how to create photos and videos and automatically send them to your Sync Folder:

- Once again, open the MyPC Backup app and make sure you are logged in

- Tap Home

- Followed by Upload

- From the new menu which has appeared, there are five options; tap Take a Picture

- Proceed to take a snap or record a video, and then tap Use



- In the menu that follows, locate where you would like the photo/video to be stored in your Sync Folder, i.e. Photos; if you would like to add a new sub-folder to keep your Sync Folder more organized, tap + to add one, type a desired name, tap Create, and then finally open the new folder and tap Upload



- To view the uploaded photo, tap Home, Sync, and locate the folder you stored it in and tap to view

And there you have it; whether it’s photos or videos you want to quickly backup or sync, all it takes is a few taps from your finger thanks to our ultra-user-friendly iPad backup app.

Our mobile backup app range can be found here.

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