MyPC Backup loves to offer its customers so much more than basic online PC backup. Because here we believe it’s all about the extras—the automated scheduled backups, the multiple device syncing, the folder sharing and so forth.

We also believe it’s not just about the features either. We believe it’s about special offers and providing customers the chance to get even more out of our online PC backup service.

And luckily for them, we’ve just come up with another one: ‘Bonus Space’.

To get yours, you just have to work your way through the list which you can find in your account dashboard through our website (well, we say ‘work’—but it couldn’t really be any easier…!).

Here’s what you’ll get once you’ve completed each bonus type: 125MB for Getting Started, 100MB for Connecting a Mobile Device, 75MB for Sharing a File, 50MB for Linking to us through Facebook, 50MB for telling Twitter about us, and 250MB for Importing your Email Contacts.

It may seem like it might take a while to check these off your list, but it’s all straight forward stuff once you get started. And for over 0.6GB of extra online PC backup, who can afford to miss an opportunity like this?

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